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also known as  Fossil Shell Flour

Is DE a miracle product?

Some people are saying so!  From the way it handles insects, without poison, to its removal of internal parasites, to its reported cures of long-standing ills in animals, its claim to fame cannot be ignored:

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"I gave Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour Diatomaceous Earth to my 3 German Shepherds.  Their fur texture changed from coarse to soft and their black coloring shined.  Also, their shedding was greatly reduced.  This stuff is truly a miracle.”  Martha S.

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Uses for Diatomaceous Earth.

Use DE with your pets.  Rub it into their fur to eliminate fleas and ticks (sprinkle on their bedding for the same reason), and add it to their food to deworm them.

That goes for the more exotic pets, too!  If it has fur, it’s a candidate for Diatomaceous Earth.

Add DE to your pet bird’s dust bath (you do provide it one, right?).  If you raise or keep chickens, do the same for them.  It will relieve them of mites.

Do you have livestock?  Diatomaceous Earth on their hides and in their feed will help keep them healthy! (Remember, DE is nonpoisonous.  Many farmers add it to their silo grain to kill the hatching insect eggs in it….)

Use the same treatment for your horses as for livestock.

Diatomaceous Earth is truly the farmer’s friend!  It saves his crops from being destroyed by grasshoppers, caterpillers, etc., and it keeps his livestock healthy.  (Read the Testamonials to see how to apply DE to trees.)

Going on vacation?  Take along a smalll bag of DE ... Just in case!

The (hopefully rare) problem with bedbugs can be solved with fossil shell flour!  Put some in a salt-type shaker and shake the DE all over the mattress.  Then, cover the mattress with a plastic sheet and make the bed as usual.  In less than a week you should be bedbug-free.

Diatomaceous Earth, about 1/2 cup, added to your bucket of grains, will kill the insects that hatch out.  After sealing the bucket, roll it around to disperse the DE throughout the grain.

This last one is a solution The Orkin Man will hate!  When building a new house (or, for some reason, removing the interior sheetrock from an exterior wall), liberally sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth on the bottom plate of the exterior walls all the way around the house (as pointed out in the presentation, below) BEFORE the insulation is installed and the wall closed in.  This will keep roaches and other bugs from getting into your house.  (As a side-thought, if you know any home builders, this would be a very good reason to become an affiliate and introduce them to DE!)

2 pounds of Diatomaceous Earth

4 pounds of Diatomaceous Earth

10 pounds of Diatomaceous Earth

50 pounds of Diatomaceous Earth

DE, or fossil shell flour, has a world of uses.  Follow along with the slides, below!

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