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also known as  Fossil Shell Flour

Is DE a miracle product?

Some people are saying so!  From the way it handles insects, without poison, to its removal of internal parasites, to its reported cures of long-standing ills in animals, its claim to fame cannot be ignored:

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"I gave Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour Diatomaceous Earth to my 3 German Shepherds.  Their fur texture changed from coarse to soft and their black coloring shined.  Also, their shedding was greatly reduced.  This stuff is truly a miracle.”  Martha S.

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About us, how we got our start....

Best Prices Storable Foods (now known as BPSF Group LLC) was started by Bruce Hopkins in February, 1994.  In daily discussions with two conservative-minded friends at work, they decided it would be an excellent idea to set back some food in case Bill Clinton did something really crazy....

....Bruce began his food-selling adventure by placing a few classified ads in magazines, and called his business, Bruce Hopkins, Bonded Storable Foods Distributor.  He took out a "performance bond" that would guarantee that he would deliver what he said he'd deliver.  If he didn't, customers could put in a claim with the bonding company and get their money back.  Since he was new in the business, he thought this was only fair for the customer.

At the time, the company from which he was buying the storable foods was scheduled to be in a Preparedness Expo in Mesquite, Texas, where he lived at the time.  Bruce asked if he could help with the booth.  Unfortunately, another distributor had already arranged to be there. Bummer.

However, at the last minute, she had to pull out, so Bruce got to go.  At that Expo, in addition to some smaller sales, a man from Lubbock, Texas, bought some food packs that totalled $9,300. The Bonded Storable Foods Distributor was in the BLACK after only a few months in business!

If you have just too much time on your hands, or are bored-out-of-your-skull, you can read more of our history--HERE.

In business since 1994 (licking stamps & envelopes and working by mail)

Took the business online in 1996 as “Bonded Storable Foods Distributor”

Hit $1.6 million in sales in 1999, moved from Mesquite to small farm in Quinlan, Texas

Sourced & began selling canned meats, canned cheese and canned butter, 2001

Introduced to, and began selling, Freshwater Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, 2002